Dr. Braito´s solution
with the LINK Embrace Shoulder System

Patient case from Tyrol, Austria

PD Dr. Matthias Braito, PhD

Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Hospital St. Johann
Tyrol, Austria


  • 79 year-old female
  • Stumbled and fell on floor in private home
  • Dislocated proximal humeral 4-part fracture


Implantation of LINK Embrace using

  • Proximal Body with cementless Distal Stem
  • Neutral Reverse Tray, paired with CoCrMo Reverse Insert height -3 (extremely space saving)
  • E-Dur Glenosphere (Vit. E infused UHMWPE) with 39 mm diameter in eccentric version
  • Reverse Glenoid Baseplate, standard, with inferior and superior cortical locking screws

  • Good stability
  • Good soft tissue tension
  • Excellent ROM, especially int./ ext. rotation and adduction



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