Dr. Guerra´s solution
with the LINK Embrace Shoulder System

Patient case from Bologna, Italy

Dr. Enrico Guerra

Head of the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Unit
Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute
Bologna, Italy


  • Sequelae of proximal humerus fracture, treated with plate and screws in 2001

  • New right shoulder fracture, treated conservatively
    in 2008

  • Now in severe pain

  • Elevation 40°, abduction 30°, very low rotation

  • Deltoid muscle can be activated



Implantation of the LINK Embrace

  • Short stem, uncemented

  • Reverse Offset Tray for humerus lateralization

  • Reverse Glenoid Baseplate with the TrabecuLink structure for bone integration with central and peripheral screws

  • Neutral glenosphere 39 mm diameter



  • Slight stem subsidence in first-follow-up

  • Stabilized stem position in second follow-up

  • Fracture consolidation



  • Shoulder actively mobile

  • 70° in elevation and abduction

  • No pain




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