Dr. Cañete´s solution
with the LINK Embrace Shoulder System

Patient case from Valencia, Spain

Dr. Pablo Cañete

Head of Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
Hospital de Manises
Valencia, Spain



  • 43-year-old female patient

  • Primary shoulder osteoarthritis

  • No cuff tear, no rotator cuff muscle atrophy

  • Severe pain, poor function

  • Anterior flexion 70°; external rotation 20°



Implantation of the LINK Embrace

  • Short Stem, uncemented

  • Head Adapter 4 mm offset

  • Humeral Head 47 mm diameter, height M

  • Convertible Glenoid with Metal-Back, with the TrabecuLink structure for bone integration with central screw and UHMWPE-Insert


  • Good stability

  • Good ROM

  • Good offset restoration


3 months post-op


  • Very good clinical and functional evolution

  • Very good ROM

  • No pain

Dr. Miguel A. Ruiz Ibán

Patient Case from
Madrid, Spain

»My first impression of Embrace was that although it looks new, it feels like it is mature and complete. The design and the instruments are just great. Embrace will definitely help my patients.«


Dr. Enrico Guerra

Patient Case from
Bologna, Italy

»We chose the new LINK Embrace Shoulder System because it offers options in terms of fixation and biomechanics with extensive component modularity. There have been no complications in our patients so far and the functional outcome is good.«

PD Dr. Jörn Kircher

Patient Case from
Hamburg, Germany

»The new LINK Embrace shoulder system is easy to use and covers very many requirements in everyday life. In particular, components with TrabecuLink structure are excellent.«


Dr. Jörg Löwe

Patient Case from
Kiel, Germany

»One of the great strengths of Embrace are the components provided with TrabecuLink surface structure, which thus achieve very good primary and secondary stability. This is a great advantage, especially in shoulder arthroplasty, where the bony situation is often precarious.«