Dr. Braito´s solution
with the LINK Embrace Shoulder System

Patient case from St. Johann, Austria

PD Dr. Matthias Braito, PhD

Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Hospital St. Johann
Tyrol, Austria


  • 49-year-old male
  • Height 187 cm / Weight 107 kg
  • After three revisions of a right reverse shoulder prosthesis the component got infected with subsequent stem loosening (cemented revision stem)
  • Infection treatment with cement spacer
  • Target: Reimplantation of cementless RSA with individualized custom-made reverse glenoid baseplate

(Kopie 22)

(Kopie 21)

  • CT-Scan image a/p with cement spacer
  • Large glenoid defect
  • Large humeral bone defect

3D CT–Data analysis and resection proposal

(Kopie 6)

  • Resection of the inferior bone fragments on the glenoid side

  • Cement removal from the humeral cavity

(Kopie 18)

(Kopie 27)

(Kopie 26)

  • First design proposal

(Kopie 2)

Design proposal for the glenoid (customLINK) 

(Kopie 5)

(Kopie 9)

  • customLink glenoid baseplate with TrabecuLink structure

  • 15 mm Central peg lenght and 7 cortical screws

  • Coracoid and acromial flap 

  • Excentrical Glenosphere, dia. 42mm, 4 mm ecc.

  • Inclination / inferior tilt 5 degree

(Kopie 17)

(Kopie 7)

Design proposal for the humerus (customLINK)  

(Kopie 10)

(Kopie 4)

  • Modular Revision Stem, 165 mm length, diameter between 18 to 24 mm

  • Proximal Body, size M, height +0 mm

  • Reverse Humeral Tray, neutral

  • Reverse Humeral Insert, UHMWPE, dia. 42 mm, height 3 mm

(Kopie 14)


(Kopie 13)

(Kopie 12)

Implants used:

  • customLINK implant was a perfect fit
  • Stable fixation of glenoid with seven bone screws
  • Eccentric Glenosphere 42 mm / 4mm
  • Modular Revision Stem, 75 mm length, size 24 mm
  • Proximal Body, size L, height +5 mm
  • Reverse Humeral Tray, neutral
  • Reverse Humeral Insert, UHMWPE, dia. 42 mm, height 6 mm, 10° inclined

(Kopie 15)


Final result:

  • Good range of motion
  • Good joint stability
  • Good pain relief

(Kopie 16)



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