Dr. Marcus Beuchel´s solution
with the LINK Embrace Shoulder System

Oldenburg, Germany

Dr. Marcus Beuchel

Head of the Shoulder Department
Pius Hospital
Oldenburg, Germany


Pictures 1 and 2: X-ray a-p and MRI

Picture 3 and 4: X-ray m-l and MRI


  • 73 year old male with bone tumor in the proximal humerus right side

Surgical plan:

  • Humeral resection appr. 5 cm below surgical neck 
  • Joint restoration using a proximal humerus component
  • Cemented humeral stem fixation
  • Reverse joint configuration with appropriate deltoid tensioning


Picture 5, 6, 7: Exposure of humeral head, resected head and defect


  • Acces to the joint via delto-pectoral approach
  • Exposure and resection of proximal humerus appr.6 cm below head


(Kopie 3)

Picture 8 and 9: MEGA C UL Components and assembled humeral MEGA C UL component

(Kopie 4)

Procedure continued ….

  • Implantation of Embrace Reverse Glenoid Baseplate with...

  • Pressfit fixation and 3 cortical locking screws superior, inferior, posterior

  • Implantation of Embrace Glenosphere in 39 mm diameter, eccentrical

  • Selection, assembly, insertion and trialing of LINK Megasystem C Upper Limb trial components for humeral replacement

  • Assembly of MEGA C Upper Limb System components, consisting of MEGA C UL Proximal Body Size 42, 20 mm Humeral Segment wit TrabecuLink surface and  Cemented Stem, Dia. 11mm, 90 mm length, Adapters and Fixation Screws


(Kopie 6)

Pictures 10 and 11: Application of suture tapes for reattachment of soft tissue

(Kopie 7)

Procedure continued ….

  • Preparation and application of high viscosity bone cement
  • Implantation of humeral component
  • Application of surgical sutures for muscle reattachment
  • Mounting of LINK Embrace Reverse Tray, neutral version
  • Implantation of Embrace Reverse Insert height 0
  • Final reduction with good stability and ROM
  • Wound closure


(Kopie 9)

(Kopie 10)


  • Pictures 12 and 13: post op x-rays with MEGA C Upper Limb and LINK Embrace components
  • Good caudal overhang of eccentrical glenosphere and voluminous Proximal Body for appropriate deltoid pre-tensioning
  • Distal Stem, cemented and well fixed




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